American Horror Stories Review

movies123July 16, 2021
American Horror Stories
Photo: FX on Hulu

What Shows Will It Remind You Of? American Horror Story crossed with an anthology format more akin to The Twilight Zone, or Hulu’s Into The Dark.

Our Take: The first episode of American Horror Stories displays everything that we love and hate about its parent series, AHS, and the Murphy/Falchuk catalog in general. At times it’s genuinely creative and shows a sense of humor that doesn’t distract from the scary stuff. At other times, it’s predictable. At still other times, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, with logical gaps that we’re still thinking about as we write this.

To give further details about “Rubber (wo)Man” would be to spoil things, but what we can tell you is that something happens when Charlotte dons that rubber suit, including her eyes becoming black. We guess that’s the darkness taking over, but there really isn’t any explanation as to whether it’s a spirit or something else.

Also, there are flashes of someone else in a rubber suit, some one with more of a male physique. That person’s presence might be explained by what we find out in the second part of the episode, when we’re introduced to Charlotte’s new girlfriend Ruby (Kaia Gerber). But we were left wondering where that person fits within the overall story.

There are also some inconsistencies regarding how the living interact with the dead in this story. Perhaps those are also there on purpose, but it left us wondering not only if the living can see and touch the dead and vice versa, but just how the dead can harm the living, and how in the hell are the dead able to communicate with the living via smartphones (yes, you read that correctly).

The performances are mostly good, with pros like Bomer, Creel and Dungey offsetting the stiffer performances by Jackson and Gerber. McCormick is the focus, though, and she does a good job of making Charlotte as normal as can be while suppressing the darkness that’s aching to come out.

We just wish a bit more thought was put into the story’s logic. At times it feels like there’s not enough material for the 90-minute runtime, and at others it feels like details have been left out. The first episode was scarier than the second, but the second was more fun than the first. It was mostly an entertaining episode, just inconsistent. – (source:


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